Interested in caroling this season? Here's how!
Form a caroling group!  Gather your own group of singers and choose when/where you want to
carol.  Then contact us by phone or the form below, and we'll connect you to your neighborhood Area
Chairman, who will record your group's plans and make arrangements to get supplies to you.  Supplies
cans for collecting donations, song sheets, door hangers (to let listeners know you are coming),
logos to identify our organization. Return your cans (filled with donations!) to them after caroling.
Join Us!
St. Louis Christmas Carols Association - 7425 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 353, St. Louis, MO  63105  -  314.863.1225
Email -
Our Special Sing groups include school and church
choirs, youth groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops,
barbershop groups, amateur and professional singing
groups, and families and friends
who just love to sing Christmas songs!
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Lead a caroling group of friends/family/coworkers/Scouts
Approximate group size?
Have my group sing at a public venue (Special Sing)
Do you have a Special Sing location in mind? (see above right for ideas)
Hire the Kingsbury Place Singers to sing at my event.
Be an Area Chairman (see at left for job description)
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We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, usually much sooner.  
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Submit your information below and we'll get you started!
Do a "Special Sing"!  We receive requests for carolers at special events like parties and house tours
and in public venues like Lambert Airport, shopping centers and stores. Often, a direct donation is
made to the St. Louis Christmas Carols Association in exchange for the group's performance, while
other venues allow your group to solicit donations using our cans.  
Your group can carol indoors or outdoors, any day of the week, from Thanksgiving through Christmas.
St. Louis
Christmas Carols Association
Caroling to Benefit Children
Since 1911
The Gentlemen of Sound, pictured at right,
are just one of several barbershop groups who sing in
restaurants, accepting donations for the StLCCA.  
Look for them at Westport Plaza, Kirkwood, and  Florissant.
Area Chairmen
needed -
can you help?
We are always looking for volunteer
Area Chairmen
- currently our
greatest need is
Ellisville, Fenton, Hazelwood,and
parts of St. Louis City.
If you love to carol, perhaps you'd like
to join us and help others discover
how rewarding caroling can be!

Area Chairmen
obtain caroling supplies from our
office, (we are happy to meet you to
deliver the supplies) and distribute
them to caroling groups in their area.  
They also keep simple records on
each group and where/when they
carol, and then collect cans and
unused supplies after Christmas, and
return them to us.

Being an Area Chairman
is a fun way to volunteer and meet
new people in your community -
the work is simple and limited
to just a few months of the year.

Give us a call, or check the box
are made up of the following supplies,
available from our office or your local
Area Chairman:

Collection Cans -
1-2 per group, depending                     
on size of  group, where
you're caroling, and how
much you collect!

Song sheets - one for                       
each member of your group -   
24 religious and secular  songs.

Where the Money Goes Flyers -  
1-2 per group (or more, just ask) -
includes list of currently funded  
agencies to show to potential donors
"Where will my money go?"

Logo Stickers - Identify our
organization to donors - worn by the
person(s) holding collection can(s).
Door Hangers -
to hang on doors
where you will
carol 3-4 days
ahead of time.
Lets neighbors
know when you
will be coming,
and that you will
be collecting
Includes list of
funded agencies.  
Sing with us!  While we do not usually organize caroling groups, from time to
time we have events available for individual carolers to join.  Call or email for
If you are an experienced choral singer/performer (SATB),  consider joining
Kingsbury Place Singers, our costumed group. (Photos of the group
can be found
HERE.) (Click here for general info/requirements for the KPS.)
Are you a Girl Scout Leader?  
Check out our
full of ideas
especially for
Girl Scouts!