Here We Come A-Caroling...

Where can we carol?



- Door to Door in your neighborhood

- If neighborhood caroling isn't for you, try one of our Public Venues - click the button below to see the current list on our Join Us page.

Other locations require special permission -

perhaps you have a special connection and can make arrangements to sing at:

- Stores, Shopping Centers

- Apartment Communities

- Retirement Homes, Senior Communities

- Holiday events (tree lightings, Breakfast with  Santa, house tours, craft sales)

- School festivities/concerts/programs

- Church services/festivities

- Your work place (holiday luncheons, etc.)


Click the Join Us! button above to contact us, schedule your caroling and obtain your

'Caroling Kit" of supplies. 

 Make it fun with



 - Have a caroling party and invite guests to "Sing for Their Supper"!  Gather at your home, enjoy a light dinner, practice a bit, then hit the streets in your neighborhood, and return for  dessert after!

- If the weather's bad - sing inside and pass the can to your guests for donations!

- Try a progressive dinner/caroling party - begin with appetizers at the first house, then carol your way to the next house/course!

- Make it easy on the host, and have a potluck dinner, with everyone contributing!

 - Make it extra special and include cookie exchange or white elephant exchange after caroling.

-  Kids love a pizza party, and maybe some cookie decorating  and hot chocolate after they carol!

4th grade girls celebrating a classmate's birthday by caroling in Ballwin.

Plan ahead to 

 - Use StLCCA Door Hangers to let listeners know you are coming - and to remind them checks are welcome, and donations are tax-deductible!

- Plan an alternate date in case of bad weather (or carol inside and pass the can among your group!)

- Choose weather-proof locations (see the Join Us page for options)

- Practice before going out - choose one strong singer to lead the group!

- Be prepared/dress for the weather!  Caroling in December in St. Louis means you will be cold!!  Dress in lots of layers, and be realistic about the length of time you can carol, particularly if you children are in your group.

- Fingers and toes get the coldest - air activated hand and foot warmers work great, and can be found in many stores.

 - Take jingle bells to draw attention, and add festive accessories (Santa or elf hats, reindeer antlers, red/green scarves, etc.)


You're never too young to carol!

Caroling ideas


Caroling is a great way for kids to help other kids - school groups, choirs, scout groups, youth groups.  It's easy to combine various ages, too.  

It's also gains recognition for your group while giving children a terrific (and fun) Community Service opportunity.


You can carol in your own neighborhood, setting your own date and time - contact us and we will make arrangements to get a Caroling Kit to you.


Or maybe you'd like to sing at one of our Public Venues

(find a current list on our Join Us! page); 

we sometimes receive requests for groups at special holiday events, too.


Some venues make a direct donation to the StLCCA for the performance;

others allow groups to collect donations using our cans.


If you are interested, call or email our office or use the form on our Join Us! page

to contact us. We will do our best to match your group to the perfect venue.

  • Organize a "Pennies for Carolers" campaign in your school.  Send home notes in advance, asking students to bring a few coins to school on a designated date. Then, with a small group of singers, carol through the school, stopping to allow students to drop their coins in the collections cans.

  • After your school's holiday play, program, or concert, lead your audience in a Holiday Sing-Along and pass our red collection cans through the audience as you sing.  (Share information about the StLCCA's mission beforehand, or in your program.)

  • Create a "Caroling Club," of interested students, meet before or after school to practice, then invite members and their families to come up to school one evening.  Divide them into groups and carol in your neighborhood with our collection cans.  Return to school for hot cocoa and cookies afterward.

  • Contact us to schedule your caroling and to obtain your 'Caroling Kit": songsheets, logo stickers, door hangers, flyers, and of course our StLCCA collection cans.

  • Hold a 'Candy Cane Sale' during lunch - sell small candy canes for $.25, with proceeds donated to the St. Louis Christmas Carols Association.

Ideas for Schools

Choir members from Washington Middle School in the Mehlville District carol in Terminal 1 at St. Louis Lambert Airport led by director Maggie Olson!

8th Grade Choral Club,

St. Stephen Protomarty School 

at  Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden,

led by Anne and Dave Borgmeyer, directors.

DeSmet Jesuit High School choirs carol each year at St. Louis Lambert Airport,

led by director Ray Sherrock!

Students at Our Lady of Guadalupe caroled at St. Louis Lambert Airport and had a ball, reported principal Peggy O'Brien.

 Music Teachers/Choir Directors 

aren't the only caroling leaders in a school! 

 Counselors, Principals, NHS, Student Council 

and other service club sponsors 

all make great caroling leaders!

Students collect "Pennies for the Carolers' every year

in Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Ferguson,

led by principal Peggy O'Brien.

Brentwood Middle Slchool Youth choir sing in thei school neighborhood, led by teacher Ruth Fisher.  


Caroling FAQ's

How long should we carol?  How many houses should we visit? The simplest answer?  As long as you want! :-) It depends on the age of your group, how cold it is outside, etc. Most important, though, is that your group have fun - so end before they become too tired or too cold. We want them to love it so much they want to carol again next year!

CAVEAT - be careful not to put door hangers out and then either not go, or not get to all the houses. People get upset!

Do we have to sing all the songs on the songsheet? - Of course not! Choose your favorites! If caroling in a neighborhood, a repertoire of 3-4 songs is enough - sing a different one at each house, finish with We Wish You a Merry Christmas, then repeat! Really young singers probably don't need songsheets at all - choose songs they know - Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and maybe Deck the Halls.

Do I have to have a costume? - Of course not! The Victorian caroler that often comes to mind was once a 'regular person in their regular clothes'. It's fun to dress festively (a Santa hat, a red scarf, reindeer antlers), but it isn't necessary!

I can't sing - can we still go caroling? - First of all, everyone can sing, especially Christmas songs!  And second, it's not about the quality of the singing, it's about sharing the joy and spirit of the season!  It's a good idea to practice a little before going out, and you should have one strong singer to be the leader and start each song.  You'll be great - and your audience will love it!

We'd like to carol, but don't think neighborhood caroling is for us. - Try one of our public venues.  The Airport is a terrific option - you sign up for 1 hour blocks, and serenade travelers! We have other options, which vary from year to year. Visit the Join Us page on this website for a current list. If you want to do one of the public venues, call or email our office to sign up.

Why don't you have hospitals or nursing homes listed? - Unfortunately, since our objective is to collect donations from listeners to help children, hospitals and nursing homes are not good options for our carolers.

We planned to carol, but it's too cold! It's raining! It's snowing! -  Weather in St. Louis in December can range from 70 degrees and beautiful to 10 degrees, rain/snow and below zero wind chills!

Option 1 - Bundle up and go!  Reduce the time you planned to carol, but still make the effort for the children we help!

Option 2 - Stay inside, sing your songs and pass the can among your group.

Option 3 - Reschedule for another, hopefully warmer, drier date.

The Final Word - give caroling a try!  We just know you'll love it! 

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