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The partnership between the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and the StLCCA has existed for decades.

Caroling for St. Louis Christmas Carols Association is a wonderful community service activity for your troop, and satisfies "Seasons of Giving" requirements.

Caroling and collecting donations is approved by the Girl Scout Council, with supervising adults responsible for solicitation of donations. 

Girl Scout participation and support is SO vital to our 

dual mission of 

1) helping area children

while also

2) introducing a new generation to the tradition

and joy of caroling.

Spreading Cheer with 

Girl Scout Leaders: 

Looking for a fun holiday activity for your troop?

Something in December that also qualifies for

Seasons of Giving?

       Go CAROLING!     
     It's a great way to     
     ring in the holidays - 
     you'll bring joy to    
 listeners in December, 
  while the donations
     you collect help     
area children all year!


our Girl Scout


Sounds Great!

How do we join in?

It's easy:

First, choose your caroling date and location - your troop can carol in your own neighborhood, your school or church community, or at various public venues, such as Lambert Airport and Soulard Market.

Click HERE for a current list.

Make caroling part of your holiday party, with treats and a gift exchange after! 

Click HERE for other ideas!

Next, contact our office - via phone, 314-863-1225, email, or submit your information here: 

We will connect you with your nearby Area Chairman, who'll provide your supplies, including collection cans and songsheets. 

Please note:  all groups are expected to collect - if you choose a location that does not allow collecting, or don't want to collect, you'll be asked to make a troop donation directly to the StLCCA in exchange for use of our supplies.

Girl Scout Carolers in Action!

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